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Lao Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. is the first appraisal company Lao P.D.R., registered as Company Limited on 10 May 2017.  It was established by the combination of all those who have experience in property valuation. The main purpose of LA Appraisal not only doing appraisal business, but also wanting to share knowledge and experience to develop property valuation sector, both valuers and educational supports, in Lao PDR to be recognized in the region with international standard. Its core principles are to conduct appraisal in a Fair, Accurate & Accountable manner. 

The registered capital of LA Appraisal is five hundred million kip.

LA Appraisal has been approved by the supervision Lao Securities Commission Office (LSCO)



To be a leader in property valuation in Lao PDR and is recognized in the region.


- Initiate and build property valuation work in Lao PDR to be in line with international standard and well recognized in the financial market;

- Carry out the duties of property valuers in accordance with the ethical and professional standards of fairness, accuracy and accountability.


Our Team
ນ.ນົກພະລິນ ທຳນຸວົງ
ປະທານ ແລະ ຜູ້ອຳນວຍການ


Tel: 020-2324-0522

ທ. ຊູກຽດ ພະຍັບວິພາວົງ
ເລກທະບຽນນັກປະເມີນ: LA 001
Main Appraiser
Mr. Shookiet Payabvipavong
registered as a member of the Association of Property Valuers of Thailand and the Independent Valuers Association of Thailand No.166
ທ. ລັດຕະນະພົນໄຊ ກິດໄພບູນທະວີ
ເລກທະບຽນນັກປະເມີນ: LA 002
ຜູ້ປະເມີນຂັ້ນອາວຸໂສ ( ວິຊາການດ້ານການປະເມີນຂັ້ນອາວຸໂສ)
ທ. ອະສຶໂອະ ກິກຸຈິ

Professional Appraiser


Licensed real property appraiser No.8737
(National Qualifications Of JAPAN)
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